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Be That As it May

This intuition thing is a tricky game: putting it into action means be-coming a “Know-It-All”

and throwing off those around me, as I willfully let go of expectations and flow

with the given conditions, already knowing not all that will happen but

having a sense of what will and what will not come to play. and when it does (or does not)

I am okay with catch and release of what was meant for me and what was meant to pass on by, like ships in the night

While others are still playing an old game of chasing what teeters between

expectations of this or that

I apologize, I was unclear - I should have told you I expect

Nothing or Everything

Depending on the moment, and the moment

is not ours to create.

But it is ours to collectively paint the Middle Path

To walk in Right Livelihood

Balancing Effort with Ease

to find something Bright

Something that just flutters and rolls along,

tumbling out like nothing other than

exactly as it was, now -

and follow it down the road.

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