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Image by Dan-Cristian Pădureț


I'm a lifelong musician with a heart for subversive activism. 

the music

Over the past two years in pandemic I have been writing, engineering, and finishing solo music. 

This recent music — and what’s up next — comes from the sounds that rise up at the end of a dream, or when I’m walking on the beach alone or pounding the trails in griffith park. The lyrics are the ideas that float around me all the time, questions you probably have too: what this life experience for? Is it chaos or perfection? Are we headed to disaster or enlightenment, and are we in it together or profoundly alone in our experience?

Through it I’m learning to home engineer and produce, remembering how to write poetry and most importantly learning how to suspend judgement long enough to birth these new songs.

the name

The name Amy Batara was given to me by my first childhood friend, a girl named Allison who lived across the street. To me it’s clearly the name of my six year old spirit, my ageless spirit, which Allison saw with no effort. 


Her family still called me Amy Batara on a visit last year, and I realized it was an artist name, my purest form before all the other stuff came.


This is my commitment, to her and to you, to keep making music and sharing it.


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